Genius Wefts

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Tape In Hair

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Handtied Wefts

Handtied wefts are produced by manually, tying hair to the extension seam and knotting it in place by hand. This method allows to create a very strong, but much thinner weft in comparison to machine tied wefts.

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HSU Machine Genius Weft Hair Extensions

Machine weft VS Genius weft

Genius wefts is the upgraded version of handtied wefts, it has combined the best atrributes from handtied wefts and flat wefts. This virtually undetectable weft is almost as thin as handtied weft but can be cut for easy customization, and has no return hairs that can irritate the scalp.

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Flat Wefts

Flat Weft is a thinning form of human hair wefts. To avoid hair shedding problem, it is sealed by a piece of super-thin silk piece with double stitching, without return short hair at the top of the weft. If your hair is fine and thin, this hair is the best solution for you now. It won't fall off easily when you cut it.

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