What is XO invisible weft?

XO Invisible Weft is a new type of hair weft extension that is designed to be not easily found after installation. There is a joint ribbon at the middle of 2 pieces weft. Regular type is 2 pieces PU weft, new type XO invisible weft is one side PU weft and the other side is injection tape. They are both called butterfly weft extensions.


Understanding XO Invisible Weft hair extensions:

The XO Invisible Weft is with holes in the hidden side, so it offers a truly seamless blend with your natural hair. Unlike traditional weft, the XO Invisible Weft is designed to be virtually undetectable, providing a flawless and natural looking. This innovative installation method involves attaching wefts of hair to a thin, transparent base. It is unlike regular hair weft extensions, no threads needed.

 XO invisible wefts

Regular XO invisible weft - 2 sides PU

 Butterfly XO invisible Wefts

New XO invisible wefts - one side PU, the other side injection tape

To maximize the lifespan of your XO Invisible Weft extensions, it's necessary to follow a proper maintenance routine. This may include gentle brushing, using sulfate-free hair products, avoiding excessive heat styling, and regular visits to your stylist for adjustments and maintenance.

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